Where to stay in Brandenburg

Newly reviewed: our favourite places to stay in Brandenburg.

We’re so excited to fill our weekends with mini-breaks, and from Berlin, the easiest place to do so is Brandenburg! Within 40 minutes, we can be surrounded by forest, far away from our everyday lives in the city. 

We’ve been busy adding properties over the past few months in quarantine, and these are our favourite new additions to the Brandenburg collection.

Which is your favourite?

"Whatever the season, a stay here is magical"

Little Eight 

What? A simple-yet-chic former GDR house with natural interiors, cosy corners and huge windows that frame the landscaped garden.

Sleeps: Up to 8.

Why I love it: Every detail within the house has been designed to help you connect with nature, from the muted colours and wooden furniture to the stone floor and clay walls.

Hello from owners Johanna and Dirk! 

“We wanted to create a simple and refined house that would inspire people to appreciate modern architecture.”

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Trainmaster’s House

What? Former train station transformed into a cosy modern apartment with mismatched interiors and a roof-top terrace overlooking treetops.

Sleeps: 2-4

Why I love it: The energy of the property is oh-so calming and restorative.

Hello from owners Gero and Lisa! 

“We wanted to bring people together, and allow them to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while sleeping in a sumptuous space so they would feel restored, creative and inspired.”

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Burig Bolthole

What? Cosy hideaways with mismatched interiors and a delicious vegan restaurant, nestled in a Brandenburg village between trees and lakes.

Sleeps: Three apartments for 2-4

Why I love it: You’re surrounded by stunning forest and lakes that make it oh-so-easy to unwind.

Hello from owners Annika and Hugo! 

“We were looking for a property where we could host guests in the countryside, somewhere that wasn’t too far from Berlin. We found this place online and took a leap of faith!”

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[L-R: Trainmaster's House, Potsdam Design Apartments, The Black House | Header: Little Eight | Central: Burig Bolthole | © JUDILICIOUSANDNUTRITIOUS, Ina Steiner, BRIX&MAAS PHOTOGRAPHY]

The Black House

What? A stunning cabin for those seeking total relaxation in the Uckermark, which showcases both the beauty of nature and modern architecture.

Sleeps: 4-11

Why I love it: Whatever the season, a stay here is magical. In the spring you can observe the wildflowers growing in the garden, and in winter it’s mesmeric to watch dark clouds roll across the sky.

Hello from the owners, Johanna and Dirk!
“I - Johanna - grew up in a small house in the hills, and I wanted to create a cosy space for my family and friends where we could all disconnect from our stresses and reconnect with nature.”

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