The Black House

Reviewed by Emily McDonnell

A stunning cabin for those seeking total relaxation in the Uckermark, which showcases both the beauty of nature and modern architecture

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When owners Johanna and Dirk bought a piece of land at the top of a hill in Brandenburg, they knew they wanted a kind of glass-box style cabin that overlooked the meadows and woods. One of the reasons for this, they say, is that Germany has 9 months of winter, meaning you spend more time inside than out. They wanted the space to feel cosy while also connecting you to nature. After sketching something, they asked their favourite architect Thomas Kröger to give them some feedback; instead of giving notes, Kröger decided to take on the project - his first home design - and created the award-winning house that exists today. 

The house blends effortlessly into the landscape, giving you the sense you are staying in nature. Inside, it is completely open and light pours in from both sides, but rather than feeling exposed, you feel completely at ease, secure and cosy thanks to the calming black of the floors and ceiling. Every piece of furniture has been chosen with care and is in keeping with the building’s striking-yet-simple aesthetic. The fireplace is specially designed, and we could spend countless nights curled up in front of it with a book and a glass of wine. The only downside to The Black House is that you can’t stay forever.


I fell in love because...
  • Whatever the season, a stay here is magical. In the spring you can observe the wildflowers growing in the garden, and in winter it’s mesmeric to watch dark clouds roll across the sky
  • The decor is simple and incredibly well-curated: each piece of art and furniture feels special
You must...
  • Take a long bath! There view from the tub over the landscape is meditative
  • Explore the Uckermark, it’s a stunning area of Brandenburg full of rolling hills and unspoilt forests
You might dislike...
  • There aren’t restaurants or supermarkets in the village
  • As the house is parallel to the street, you may feel observed when cars drive past, but that doesn’t happen often
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Introducing Johanna and Dirk! 

“I - Johanna - grew up in a small house in the hills, and I wanted to create a cosy space for my family and friends where we could all disconnect from our stresses and reconnect with nature.”

They love…

“Every time we drive up the hill and turn the corner and see the cabin we still have a ‘wow’ moment: the house gives us this sense of being totally interconnected with nature and you’re given this sense of freedom.”

Johanna and Dirk’s insider tips 

  • The lakes in the area feel like those in Norway, and you can swim for kilometres without seeing anyone!
  • We love the hills of the Uckermark, so you should take a long walk to absorb the scenery and surroundings. There are beautiful woods that start behind the house, which are perfect for exploring
  • Rent a boat and explore the area’s lakes from atop the water
  • When we stay in the house, we love to just sit in front of the fire and look out through the huge glass windows over the landscape

What people
are saying.

“Beautiful place and stunning view around.”


“The house is recommended for every season. The nights are perfect with starry sky and the good beds provide complete relaxation.”


The essentials.

  • Sleeping arrangements: There are four bedrooms, two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor, each with a double bed. Plus two additional beds can be added to each upper bedroom.
  • Bathroom set up: The bathroom is downstairs, and there’s an incredible view of the landscape from the bath.
  • Food: The open-plan kitchen is great for cooking, but you’ll have to bring food as there isn’t a supermarket (or restaurant) in the village. All the basics are provided: salt, pepper, oil and tea, but not coffee.
  • For families: Two families could stay here comfortably, but the house is better for families with older children.
  • On-site equipment: There’s a fireplace with wood available for burning, please read the manual before using it as it is a bit complex!
  • Optional extras: Bikes can be rented in the village.
  • Help: Johanna and Dirk are a text away.
  • Remember to pack: Coffee, shampoo, beach towels, board games and house shoes.
  • Pets: Small dogs are allowed on request only.
  • Sustainability: The house was built with reclaimed wood, and all other materials were sourced in the most sustainable way possible. Most of its features are second hand.


The Black House is located in Pinnow, Brandenburg. 

You can easily drive and park on-site, it’s a 1.5-hour drive from central Berlin. 

The closest station is Seehausen (to where there are direct trains from Berlin), from where you can cycle to the house in 15 minutes.


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