The Elbe Treehouses

Reviewed by Emily McDonnell

Sleek, secluded treehouse hideouts overlooking the river Elbe, with wood-burning fires and a hot tub, made for total escapism

Self-catering treehouse
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Klaus has always loved the Icelandic and Scandinavian ways of living: simple but cosy interiors, and a focus on natural surroundings. After passing a book on treehouse architecture in Munich airport a few times, he realised he couldn’t delay his dream of creating his very own treehouse hideaway. A few weeks later, and he was sat face-to-face with an architect.  

Now, at the edge of the Elbe, nestled between the trees, 7 meters above the ground, you find three stunning hideouts: calling them treehouses doesn’t quite do justice to their striking architecture and sleek modern design. Windows perfectly frame panoramas of the vast greenery of a bird sanctuary, all the way down to the meandering Elbe, and there’s not another building in sight. This is a showcase of the tranquillity that comes from total submersion in nature.


I fell in love because...
  • These stilted houses are oh-so enticing, and the peaceful atmosphere is beyond restorative
  • The location is incredible, perfectly positioned to take a stroll along the Elbe and have a picnic on one of the river beaches
You must...
  • Spend an evening in the hot tub with a glass of wine, watching the stars and listening to the cricket chirp
  • Hang out in the communal earth house, which boasts tonnes of space for yoga and meditation
You might dislike...
  • There are three treehouses, which are side-by-side, but they’ve been designed so they don’t overlook each other
  • Realistically, you’ll need a car to get here as public transport from the nearby big cities isn’t very frequent
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Introducing Klaus!

“Years ago I dreamt of life in a treehouse on a remote pasture, at the edge of a forest, where horses spent the summer, so I could find peace and decelerate. Now that dream is a reality!”

He loves… 

“Honestly, the best thing to do here is nothing! The view over the Elbe is beautiful, and I could spend hours watching the birds soar by on the wind and the ships sail by on the river.”

Klaus’ insider tips:

  • Come here to switch off! Each treehouse has 2 terraces and a fireplace, plus there’s the hot tub to test out
  • Go for a ride on one of the family's Icelandic ponies! Whatever your experience level, you’re assured a good time
  • Bird lovers, bring binoculars as so many migratory birds pass by the treetops here; geese even take their winter rest nearby 
  • Venture out to Hansestadt, a quaint medieval town a short cycle away along the river

What people
are saying.

“We’ve stayed at the treehouses twice, and feel really comfortable there. It is a relaxing place, with an amazing place to sleep, and we always feel very welcome.”


“Unforgettable. We will definitely be back!”


The essentials.

  • Sleeping arrangements: There are 3 treehouses, each with a double bed and 2 single sofa beds.
  • Bathroom set up: Each treehouse has a bathroom with a walk-in shower.  
  • Food: There are an oven, pantry and a dining table in each treehouse (along with tea, coffee, salt and pepper), and a fully-equipped kitchen - complete with coffee machine - in the communal earth house. There's a supermarket a short drive away, and restaurant Sandbank comes recommended!
  • For families: Kids are more than welcome; Klaus and his partner have three girls who always love new friends to play with! Bigger families can opt to book two (or all!) of the treehouses.
  • On-site equipment: The communal earth house can be used for meditation, yoga and creative pursuits, plus there’s a hot tub and fire pit in the garden.  
  • Optional extras: Klaus and his family have a collection of gorgeous Icelandic ponies, you can take one for a ride.
  • Help: Klaus and his family live on-site, and are always around should you need them.
  • Remember to pack: Swimwear for the hot tub, and slippers and a bathrobe for afterwards!
  • Pets: You’re more than welcome to bring your four-legged friends - both dogs and horses!
  • Sustainability: As the treehouses are set on protected land (a bird sanctuary), sustainability was at the heart of the design, and building materials are natural and (where possible) reclaimed.


The Elbe Treehouses are nestled on the banks of the Elbe in Krautsand, surrounded by trees.

It’s a 4-hour drive from Berlin.

Getting here by public transport isn’t recommended, as the connections from Hamburg (and other nearby cities) aren’t that reliable.


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