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Picture-book-perfect cabins with huge windows overlooking unspoilt nature, filled with little luxuries that allow you to truly get away from it all

From €160
2 + 1 small child
Brandenburg, max 2 hours from central Berlin


If you’ve been looking for an answer to the sensation "Ich muss einfach mal Raus" (I just have to get out), then look no further. Raus was dreamt up by friends Christopher, Johann and Julian, who were desperate for special places to stay close to home, which really allowed them to escape hectic city life and switch off. They didn’t find anywhere, so they created places themselves!

They spent months conceptualising and talking to landowners who were excited to share their beautiful properties. In creating the cabins, they were conscious to create spaces that are not only good for human wellbeing but are also planet-friendly. The three cabins currently in existence are dotted in undisturbed corners of Brandenburg, allowing for an immersive experience in the middle of nature. 

The cabins are totally off-grid, but that in no way means back-to-basics: expect sumptuous beds, wood-burning stoves and hand-made ceramics, plus you can order meal boxes from some of the region's best organic providers. Spend nights under the stars, mornings curled gazing across meadows and afternoons with your toes in the grass. Just thinking of it makes us relax, imagine what a stay would do…


I fell in love because...
  • Not only are these cabins stunningly beautiful and oh-so luxurious, they are also incredibly eco-friendly! 
  • It’s not often you get to be completely off-grid and surrounded by nothing-but-nature
You must...
  • Try your best to do nothing; turn your phone on flight mode and spend the day in bed with a coffee, gazing out of the window, absorbing the unspoilt nature
  • Explore the nature on your doorstep: watch the animals, climb a tree, listen to the wind - just reconnect with the earth
You might dislike...
  • The landscape is the main character, meaning the living space (16sqm) is minimal
  • As the cabins are completely off-grid, you should be especially mindful of your water and electricity consumption (but there is a generous amount provided and there’s a 24/7 helpline should you need it)
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Introducing Christopher, Johann and Julian! 

“Being in nature allows you to take a break from big city life, to really unwind and spend time well. We created Raus to empower people to access nature while also having the luxuries of a boutique hotel.”

They love…

“We work closely with landowners, who want to share their beautiful properties. Each location is carefully selected by our team and follows our guidelines to ensure an undisturbed and immersive experience in the middle of nature.”

Christopher, Johann and Julian’s insider tips 

  • Wake up with the sun and start your day with yoga in the meadow
  • Head into the forest for a long walk
  • Pack your swimming things and take a dip in one of Brandenburg’s crystal-clear lakes
  • Take a glass of wine onto the terrace and watch the stars glitter overhead, before retreating inside to curl up by the fire

What people
are saying.

"Raus is a the perfect getaway from the city. The team have thoughtfully curated the experience to cover all bases, to really allow you to switch off and unwind. My personal favourite things about Raus were the fireplace, the remote surroundings and the beautiful collection of ceramic table wear."


"Comfortable, sustainable, authentic. This excursion into the Berlin area brings you back to cool forest air, moss under your feet and sunrises out of bed."


The essentials.

  • Sleeping arrangements: The cabins are open-plan, each with a full queen-sized double bed.
  • Bathroom set up: Each cabin has a bathroom that is equipped with a shower, composting dry-toilet and a sink. There is hot water available, as well as towels and sustainable soap (from "stop the water while using me"), as well as slippers, are provided. 
  • Food: The kitchen is equipped with two gas stoves, a fridge and all the kitchen tools needed to prepare a full meal. Outside, there is a gas-powered BBQ. Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, coffee and tea are also provided. Fresh drinking water is provided, and each cabin comes with a guide to local stores, cafes and restaurants.
  • For families: There is space for one small child but be mindful that the cabins are not fully childproof. Contact the Raus team for more information.
  • On-site equipment: Each cabin has a selection of games, various books and two yoga mats. There's also wifi and a desk for remote working.
  • Optional extras: At some of the cabins, food and beverage options are available, plus Raus gives you the option to book a food hamper that is delivered to your home in Berlin before you leave.
  • Help: If you need anything, there is a 24/7 helpline.
  • Remember to pack: Bring outdoor clothing, comfortable shoes and your favourite book. 
  • Pets: Small dogs are allowed in some cabins; request when booking.
  • Sustainability:  All the cabins are self-sufficient. They are powered by solar energy, come with a water tank and feature a compost toilet. Even the amenities, be it the clay dishes or natural soaps, are curated made of mostly sustainable or recycled materials. Additionally, the cabins are built on trailers and are off-grid, so are therefore non-invasive to the soil.
  • Must know: There’s a 2-night minimum stay for all cabins.


Raus wants to make sure all guests enjoy their stay entirely undisturbed. Therefore they only reveal the exact locations only after booking and shortly before arrival. 

But this much we can reveal: The three cabins can be reached within a 2-hour drive from Berlin. There is parking available for each cabin.

You can also reach all three with public transport; though the last stretch requires a cycle or taxi ride.


Mention The Staycation Collection when booking and get a bottle of natural wine to say thank you!
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