Knotted Cabin

Reviewed by Emily McDonnell

Designer cabin that blends natural materials with sleek, bold interiors, creating a stylish stay, surrounded by fir trees in the Wendland

Self-catering cabin
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The Knotted Cabin (or Knütthuus in German; Knütten means knotting, knitting or tying in Low German) is well named. Not only are there clever design references to the name throughout the cabin (bold, knotted ropes act as room partitions), but the cabin itself is a place where friends, guests and time-out seekers can come together and connect. It’s also a place where a network of regional designers have been able to showcase their designs: beautiful interiors are a given here. 

The concept might sound high-end (and we can confirm that the architecture and interiors are an exceptional quality), but the space is in no way daunting. From the sprawling terrace to the open-plan living space, everything about the Knotted Cabin is welcoming. Created as a passion project by designed Irina Rohpeter and architect Nils Kistner, the cabin was carefully constructed blend into the Wendland landscape while preserving the naturalness of the woodland site. The result is magical: a sophisticated hideout that allows you to focus on the beautiful simplicity of life.


I fell in love because...
  • It’s incredibly peaceful here and it’s near on impossible to not unwind
  • The cabin is open and bright, and the perfect place to curl up in, whatever the season
You must...
  • Take a long walk through the forest, breathing in the beautiful nature of the Wendland region
  • In summer, laze on the terrace with a glass of wine, watching the treetops sway in the breeze. In winter, replace the terrace for the sofa and wood-burning fireplace
You might dislike...
  • It’s extremely hard to get here by public transport, and you’ll need a car if you want to explore the area
  • There’s no TV, but that - we would say - is technically a plus!
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Introducing Irina and Nils! 

“We wanted to see what would happen if we, a structural engineer with a passion for with a passion for architecture (Nils) and a designer with a passion for functional aesthetics (Irina), got together to dream up a holiday home. The result, Knütthuus (which sort of translates to Knotted House or Knitting House) - and we couldn’t be happier with the results.” 

They love…

We’re proud to have created a simple space that blends with the surrounding forest while also being cosy and full of unique design pieces.”

Irina and Nils’ insider tips 

  • Sit back and do nothing; we built the house to help friends and family slow down while surrounded by nature
  • If you’re feeling active, you can explore the region. Some of our favourite nature spots are Hoher Mechthin, Naturum Görde and Höhbeck
  • Head to the Gartow Castle, which consists of a baroque palace built in 1710 and a baroque church finished in 1724 by the cellist master builder Johann Borchmann Gartow
  • Try and plan your trip for the summer so you can visit the Kulturelle Landpartie; it’s a beautiful full days where you can really get a good culture hit

What people
are saying.

"The view over the forest is unbeatable."

L. Q.

"We loved the simple architecture and furnishings."


The essentials.

  • Sleeping arrangements: There are two double bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the open mezzanine level.
  • Bathroom set up: There’s a bathroom with a shower.
  • Food: There’s a fully equipped kitchen, including a coffee machine and basic ingredients (salt, pepper, oil, vinegar). 
  • For families: The cabin is perfect for families and there’s a highchair that can be provided on request. Note that the stairs to the mezzanine bedroom are open. There’s also a selection of children's books and toys (building blocks etc). The garden is huge and there’s even a sandpit, treehouse and swings.
  • On-site equipment: There’s a selection of novels.
  • Optional extras: If you fall in love with any of the design pieces, you can buy them directly from the designers, as Irina and Nils can put you in touch (flyers of the designers' furniture can be found in the apartment).
  • Help: Help is available via text, should you need anything.
  • Remember to pack: Shampoo, shower gel and other toiletries.
  • Pets: Dogs are welcome on request only; please state when booking.
  • Sustainability: The cabin is built from regional wood, Nils built a lot of the furniture himself, and the cabin uses electricity produced by its solar panels. In the future, there will be a charging station for electric vehicles.


The Knotted Cabin is located in Bellahn, a stone's throw from the River Elbe.

It's a 2-hour and 45-minute drive from central Berlin.

Arriving using public transport is quite difficult.


Say you found the Knotted Cabin on The Staycation Collection and receive a gift of regional produce on arrival.
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