Seven green spaces in Berlin you should visit (but probably haven’t)

After months and months of taking the same lockdown walk - through Falkplatz, around Mauerpark (and the new Mauergarten), and back past Jugendfarm Moritzhof (for our daily dose of cute rabbits and goats) - we’re feeling fed up. 

Our minds love to be stimulated by new experiences, even if it’s something as simple as walking in a different park, as changing our routines can boost our contentment, creativity and focus.

We decided to investigate Berlin’s other green spaces so we could share them with you. All are open and allow for COVID regulation-compatible walks. Here are our insider tips for Berlin’s best parks.

"We love lazy walks exploring the park’s gardens, before watching the sun set over the city"

Schlosspark Niederschönhausen


This huge, river-side park is an absolute hidden gem. First conceptualised in 1662, the fairytale-like palace and gardens were inhabited by royals and were the seat of the first president of the GDR. We love the tall trees that stand by the river Panke, which flows through the grounds.



Once a gravel pit, this gorgeous green space was gifted to the city by Franz Körner in 1916. Since its transformation, it was nicknamed Neukölln’s Sanssouci. We love the long lawns, cascading waterfalls and tall plane trees, as well as the clever design, which merges architectural with horticultural. 

Naturpark Marienfelde


We love the expansive nature park, that is home to many endangered animals such as the moor frog and sand lizard, as well as rare bird species such as the red-backed shrike and skylark (we had to Google them, too!). Be sure to walk the 1.5 km "nature experience path" to take in the park’s diversity.

Britzer Garten


From rose gardens and orchards to Europe’s largest sundial and a witch’s herb garden, Britzer Garten is a playground for those looking for more than your standard park. We love slowly meandering through the 100-acre garden, excitedly veering away from the main paths to see what we can discover next.

Volkspark Rehberge


Next to Plötzensee (a glacial lake great for an ice dip, if you’re feeling brave!) is a vast park that was meant to be a zoo. These plans didn’t come to fruition, but you can still visit the wild boar and roe deer that live there. As well as this, there’s a huge toboggan run (300m long and 20m high) for when it snows.

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Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände


This park is wonderfully Berlin! Located near Tempelhofer Feld, the 18-hectare park inhabits the former Tempelhof railway yard. There’s a mix of wild nature, abandoned facilities and train tracks covered in moss, as well as art and graffiti. An afternoon here really is an adventure.



Did you know that hidden between the park’s WWII flak towers is a vineyard where the grapes are harvested and turned into wine? Plus there’s a rose garden that is full of colour in the summer. We love lazy walks exploring the park’s gardens, before watching the sun set over the city from one of the towers (with either a hot chocolate or beer in hand!).

What park is your favourite in Berlin? Let us know!

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