A bike trip around Tegeler See

We so often think that the more choices we have the better, from food delivery option to shows on Netflix. But the problem with choice is that we aren’t good at decision making. 

There’s a famous study about jam - yes, you are still reading a travel website, please indulge me for a little and all will become clear (or, at the very least, you’ll have a new fun fact to show off to your friends). Researchers set up two displays of jams, one with six types of jam and one with 24 types, in a store where customers could try samples. On tasting, they were given a money-off voucher: 30% of those exposed to the smaller display of jam bought some, while only 3% of those exposed to the larger selection did. 

See, we really can’t cope too much choice.

Now, to the point of this article… Berlin is surrounded by endless greenery. It’s magical. But, who’s had that sinking feeling in their stomach when asked: “Hey, let’s do a day trip: can you pick where we go?”

"I’m highlighting tried and tested trips, so you know you’re in for a good day out."

It leaves that feeling of panic. I’ve experimented with walking guides, online research and scrolling around aimlessly on Google Maps. It’s time-consuming, and I always worry that the trip I’ve picked will be underwhelming. Therefore, The Staycation Collection is launching this day trip inspiration series.

I’ll be highlighting tried and tested trips, both undertaken by me and those in the community, so you know you’re in for a good day out.

A bike trip along the Berlin-Spandauer Schifffahrtskanal, around Tegelersee and back.


This is a great-for-friends trip: I went out my partner Rupert and our friend Jonathan. We were able to cycle side-by-side and chat pretty much the whole time we were out.

How long?

We cycled 45km in total, and were out for a total of 5 hours (though that did include a leisurely lunch stop).


  • This is a beautiful bike ride: you’re by the water all the time
  • You get to take Berlin’s only privately owned ferry! It’s only 1 Euro

Less enjoyable.

  • The boys didn’t let me stop to swim, and, to be fair, there aren’t so many secluded spots around the lake (there are two bigger beachy spaces, however)
  • The bike ride out to Plötzensee where the route begins is less than scenic

What to take.

Pack sunscreen as there’s not much shade along the canal, lots of water, and some coins to pay for the ferry.

Is there food?

Yes! We stopped for a very German lunch at Malche Restaurant am See at the most northern point of our trip. I had spargle and pommes with hollandaise (don’t judge, it was what I was craving), and the boys had the fish special, washed down with a radler, of course! It was good beer-garden food, if not a little expensive.


Head to Plötzensee, and then north along the canal. Eventually, you’ll get to the base of Tegelersee where you take the ferry across the Havel, and then all you have to do it keep the water on your right.

View the route over on Komoot.

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